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Posion Dangers By toxictrace On 2012-04-19

A poison is any substance that is harmful to your body. You might swallow it, inhale it, inject it or absorb it through your skin. Poisons can include

  • Prescription or over-the-counter medicines taken in doses that are too high
  • Overdoses of illegal drugs
  • Carbon monoxide from gas appliances
  • Household products, such as laundry powder or furniture polish
  • Pesticides
  • Indoor or outdoor plants
  • Metals such as lead and mercury

The dangers of poisoning range from short-term illness to brain damage, coma and death. To prevent poisoning it is important to use and store products exactly as their labels say. Keep dangerous products where children can't get to them. Treatment for poisoning depends on the type of poison. If you suspect someone has been poisoned, call your local poison control center right away.


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Information Guides

  • Alcohol...can kill oneself, others or even a business.
  • Drugs...illegal and even legal ones can cause one to wreak a life, family and business.
  • Under the Influence...of drugs or alcohl changes a persons behavior, abilities and reactions.
  • Employers...own it to their business, customers and employees for a drug free zone!
  • Schools...bad behavior effects all in the learning of both knowledge and social norms.
  • Personal...families are the most effected since relationships and feelings are involved.

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  • Personal Case Worker for you!
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  • Results by Certified labs...in days!
  • NO blood or other intrusive methods needed.
  • Samples from Hair, Nails, Saliva, Urine.
  • Best prices available
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